Do people see Jesus as a great teacher? Even those who do not believe that he rose a again or that he walked on water and all that is not proven. He was human after all and taught people things, ways of life. I don't think he expected and forced people to believe everything he said and did. So why do we do that? Is it because the people that surround him are the crazy religious people? The people who use his name in vain, and those who enforce him too much? The people who think if you don't follow him you're a sinner and are therefore being hypocritical to no judging. Why must people place morphed negative opinions on religion, Christianity or Catholicism? Extremists ruin it for the rest of us. In my opinion Buddha was a great teacher, who taught good ways of life to the people, to humanity. Along with Muhammad and many other leaders. They all shared something that inspired people to be the best they can be. But why does it seem to me that Jesus is the most made fun of? It's the people who choose to believe in them fully and dedicate their lives to them that ruin the real picture. Some say don't judge, yet do themselves; to love your neighbour, yet curse those who don't agree. When will the corruption end, if thats the right word to put on it.

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