blessed with a mind with constant ripples, constant twitches and riddles

let me try and write until i can find some sort of clarity in this messy assorted mind of mine.

--after i wrote the above, i got distracted and began doing something else. hardcore fail on my part for sure, but that's the exact thing i'm trying to get at. i haven't been able to bring myself to write or draw anything. the last time i really tried was so long ago that i can't even remember, but definitely not in the past six months.
i've turned to stone
i feel like i've figured it out so many times. that maybe my creativity is being robbed by my actions. it always comes to that conclusion, but then after a while i become unconvinced yet again.


rudeawakenings said...

the only way to move forward is to write, or to create some form of expression. If we don't make time for the release of emotions and energies they grow stale within us, some wither and die out, some ferment and turn solid like stones in our stomachs, weighing us down. I've been the same way,always getting distracted by life's swirl of nothingness that i havent taken the time to cultivate the feelings and they've withered inside of me. do yourself a favor and write or draw whenever you have the urge to, or set aside time to do it. nothing will be resolved if you hold it all within you.

Anonymous said...

holy shit this is like me, but in another situation. to make it short i think i'm unhappy and need to escape and i plan my escape and then i give it up because i think maybe this what i have right now is as good as it gets. but then again maybe not. i have serious issues that i can't talk about. we should talk together haha